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Golden-hour Maternity Session at Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park, Florida

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Oh boy, was this just the most beautiful golden hour session I've ever witnessed with Shannon and Reid during their maternity shoot at Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park, Florida! I swear, I think my heart went to mush by our last shot.

We met an hour before sunset, typical golden hour, and I started them off with some easy breasy walking while holding hands shots. I like to start this way to loosen clients up, as being in front of the lens can be quite intimidating. During this time I encourage my clients to look in different directions, at eachother, and a couple times at the camera for a variety of poses.

The pillars are the most sought after spot at Kraft Azalea Gardens, typically with a line of photographers waiting for their shot, if I am being honest, and it's quite obvious why. The centered white stone pillars guide a viewers eyes perfecetly to whatever subject stands in the middle while they are lit up with great amount of natural light. Let me tell you, Shannon and Reid did not disappoint with their sensational beauty as a couple and Shannon's adorable baby bump standing in this popular hot spot.

They let me know ahead of time that when they had their engagement photos taken by another photographer and their poses felt very forced and unnatural and didn't like the way their photos came out. Shannon said it stood out to her that I have on my website I like to capture a lot of candid moments and that she was looking forward to that. By the end of our session they said they had a really great time and actually had fun! This is my goal for EVERY session and makes my heart warm when I feel I've not only nailed great shots, but made my clients feel their absolute best effortlessesly being in front of the lens.

To book your magical maternity session with "Kimberly Reynolds Photography," click here or email me at I can't wait to celebrate this extraordinary moment with you!


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