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Wardrobe Tips for Your Session

Here are some tips for commonly-asked questions preparing for your session regarding what to wear.


Tips on What to Wear to Your Session

  1. Choose something comfortable! You may be walking in motion, sitting, lying on your belly, squatting, twirling-wherever the moment takes us. Bra straps shouldn't be showing and blouses shouldn't have a gap in the middle. Clothes should fit properly and not require constant adjustments.

  2. Neutral colors are always a safe bet. Bright colors are distracting, unless you love bright colors. Red will pop out the most and take away from the rest of the family in photos. Depending on the style shoot you may want neutral colors.

  3. No logos, as it may be unflattering and draw attention away from you and your family's faces in the photos.

  4. Couples - Get Fancy. If you typically dress up to go out on dates and love dressing to the nines - wear it! These are representing you and how you want to be portrayed. Why not wear the long dress and tux?

  5. Texture is welcome, however, be sure not everyone is wearing opposite types or they could clash. Some can wear solids and others can wear plaid or subtle patterns.

  6. Accessories are a must! There's nothing better than a hat, a flower headband, or suspenders for that extra dazzle. Be mindful of what shoes you choose for these forever memories and if your type of watch is appropriate. Smart watches aren't recommended and could distract you during the session. Empty your pockets before the shoot. You don't want to see your phone in your pocket in the blown-up photo hanging on your wall. You'll thank me later. 

  7. Remove the hair tie from your wrist. We so easily forget they're even on us.

  8. A fresh haircut a couple of days before is never a bad idea.

  9. Coordinate - not match. Try to coordinate your outfits starting with mom's outfit and go from there. Stick to a pallette. It's encouraged to show personality without overthrowing the whole group. 

  10. Don't forget to brush and floss so that smile is radiant!

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