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Maternity session at Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, Florida

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Creating a human is one of the most miraculous and treasured events a woman can go through and I was honored to create some memories for Jenna's maternity photoshoot at Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, Florida.

We met up at 6:30pm, approaching golden hour, with her husband, daughter, and mom to join in for part of the shoot. Family is so important and as we all know it takes a village to raise a baby!

There's an area where the walk way angles down when you walk by the green topped lake and I had her sit down on a white sheet with her daughter for the first impressions photos. I brought with me sunflower garland and placed it on the rocks behind them. Jenna wore a forest green dress with a sunflower belt and her daughter wore a sun flower dress so why not bring MORE sunflowers for decoration?

Next, I had Jenna and Michael, her husband, walk down between trees swinging their arms as they were holding hands and looking at eachother. Their chemistry is so strong and I loved their dynamic together.

We walked back up toward the flower beds near the greenhouse for the epic kiss on the belly pose. I love the giggles mothers always make when hubby kneels down to give their baby belly a gentle kiss.

Jenna's daughter had a fun time spinning in circles as her mom twirled her around and around and I captured the action. It was her turn next to kiss mama's belly!

On our way across the park we saw a vintage VW van that was parked near some flowers with the owner inside reading a book and relaxing. With his permission we were able to grab a few shots of the family in front of it!

We moved our shoot over by the reeds, next to some blocked off areas where turtles had their nests to not be disturbed. I love this area because of the tall reeds and it creates a dimensional photo with lots of depth of field action. Here Jenna got to bask in her glory for some solo shots and sport her beautiful figure. Her daughter joined her for some eskimo kisses and I got the cutest shots of this! (I'm not crying...)

I moved them to the other part of the tall reeds for Jenna and Michael's special mom and dad images they will cherish forever.

After this spot we walked to the main street in the middle where everyone held hands and walked toward me and took turns looking at me and Jenna. This created a beautiful strong family dymanic photo.

Last, we walked to the back of Mead Gardens near a lake and some steps with plant vines growing around the hand guardrails. I snapped a gorgeous photo of Jenna solo on the steps with the sun shining right above her head.

We shared many laughs during this shoot and Jenna is truly blessed to have a wonderful, supporting family by her side. She makes one beautiful pregnant mama.


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