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Preparing for a Family Photoshoot: A Handy Checklist from Your Professional Photographer

Capturing beautiful family moments is a delightful experience, and I'm thrilled to be your photographer for the upcoming family photoshoot! To ensure we have a smooth and enjoyable session, here's a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare:

1. Choose the Right Time and Location:

  • Discuss with me to decide on the best time and location for the photoshoot, considering lighting conditions and the overall vibe you desire. I prefer shooting an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset (golden hour) as the lighting is *chefs kiss*!

2. Coordinate Outfits:

  • Select outfits that complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. Opt for coordinating colors and styles that showcase your family's personality.

3. Comfort is Key:

  • Ensure everyone feels comfortable in their outfits, especially young children. Avoid clothing that might cause discomfort during the shoot.

4. Grooming and Haircare:

  • Schedule haircuts and grooming appointments a week before the shoot to allow time for any adjustments.

5. Keep it Natural:

  • Avoid drastic hairstyle or makeup changes just before the photoshoot. Stick to your natural and familiar looks.

6. Snacks and Hydration:

  • Bring some light snacks and water to keep everyone energized and hydrated during the session, especially if we're shooting outdoors. Florida is hot and being fabulous is exhausting.

7. Be Well-Rested:

  • Aim for a good night's sleep the day before the photoshoot, especially for little ones, to ensure they're fresh and in good spirits.

8. Prepare Props and Special Items:

  • If you have any props or special items you'd like to include in the photos, have them ready before the session. Your kiddo's favorite teddy, a teen's hat they're obsessed with, or a musical instrument that speaks to you, to name a few.

9. Communicate with Kids:

  • Talk to your children about the photoshoot, keeping it positive and fun. Let them know it's a chance to play and enjoy family time. Bribing with ice cream is always successful too!

10. Timing is Everything:

  • Arrive a bit early to the photoshoot location to allow time for any last-minute adjustments and to settle in.

11. Relax and Have Fun:

  • On the day of the shoot, let go of any stress and simply enjoy the moment with your family. Laugh, play, and cherish the time together.

12. Trust Your Photographer:

  • Trust me to capture candid and authentic moments. Relax and be yourselves; it's my job to capture the beauty of your family.

13. Respect Each Other's Space:

  • During the shoot, give each family member space to interact naturally. Encourage genuine connections and emotions.

14. Embrace Imperfection:

  • Remember that family photos aren't about perfection; they're about capturing the love and bond you share. Embrace the candid moments!

15. Share Your Vision:

  • If you have any specific shots or ideas in mind, share them with me beforehand, so we can try to incorporate them into the session.

16. After the Shoot:

  • Sit back and relax while I work on editing your images. Your final gallery will be a stunning collection of cherished memories.

Remember, family photoshoots are meant to be a joyful experience, so embrace the love and laughter that flows naturally within your family.

I'm excited to capture these special moments and create treasured memories for you all.

Let's make this a fun and unforgettable session!

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Looking forward to our photoshoot,

Kimberly Reynolds

Louisa State Park Family Photographer
Orlando Family Photographer


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