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Where should our session take place?

Hi guys! I thought I would begin blogging to provide you with the latest and most updated info pertaining to your sessions starting with where should your sessions take place.

Since I prefer my sessions outside to capture golden hour (an hour before sunset), let's start with anywhere outside! Natural light is the BEST light with the sun's light hitting every area of you, leaving minimal shadows.

Baldwin Park. Blue Jacket Park. Orlando Photographer.
Baldwin Park

I prefer parks with open field areas to run, walk, or chase, for those gorgeous movement shots. Families with kiddos mostly appreciate this, as do I, because it gives me a lot of space to work with. It also gives them a chance to roll around (a dirty shoot means a great shoot!) and show their unique personality.

Blue Jacket Park. Baldwin Park. Orlando photographer. Winter Park photographer.
Blue Jacket Park

I have a soft spot for water fountains. There's nothing prettier than the water coming down, catching light, with my subjects in front. Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park, Florida was one of the first fountains I used in photography and I will always go back to create new memories for clients.

Dickson Azalea Park. Orlando Photographer.
Dickson Azalea Park

Bridges in the background are also so pretty!!! I recently discovered Dickson Azalea Park in Orlando, Florida with all it's unique trails to walk down displaying an array of flowers, depending on the season, with benches for resting, huge trees for climbing, numerous bridges galore, and cobble stone steps for sitting. I say all this because each element is a photo opportunity where you may want to be part of your session. I consider these tools to work with to create a complementing image.

These are only the beginning of the list with so many more gorgeous spots in local Central Florida to explore more of.

I hope to work with you soon!

XO, Kimmy

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