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Orlando Nurse Graduate Photoshoot at Advent Health

Updated: Apr 28

What I love about Orlando is endless photo op opportunities and locations! For this graduate, we decided to hop from Advent Health to Park Ave to grab the prettiest locations with the sun setting beside us. Her motto - It's a beautiful day to save lives! If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, you would understand the reference. Excuse me, while I'm still crying...

ANYWHO, back to the session - we arrived at Advent Health and had to get our first shot by the Advent Health sign because our lovely graduate has spent days, weeks, months, years, at this establishment earning her well deserved degree.

We jumped around to different locations on site and then we went to Park Ave by the rose garden to continue. As trains wailed by, we got some adorable solo shots of her at this location walking down a pathway, sitting on cobble stone, and just admiring the world around her.

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