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Winter Springs High School Senior Graduation Photoshoot at Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wahoo!! YOU DID IT!! You graduated high school and completed all those years of hard work. A photoshoot of your graduation accomplishment is a MUST!

I met up with Chloe and her mom at Cocoa Beach, Florida for Chloe's well deserved graduation photoshoot. Now, if you don't know this about me I love reeds and any kind of plant (yes, I'm a total plant lady) so I sat Chloe down between some tall, brown and green reeds for some depth in her photos. I tried to angle her so the buildings wouldn't show and it's just her, earth, and sky. The sun was still pretty high as this was 6:30pm, an hour before goldenhour, because the weather was so wonky we decided to get started early and not chance getting rained out.

I moved her over to the water for some classic walking photos with the waves crashing into her toes and she was just a natural taking in all the glory of the moment. Then, I had her lay on her belly with the waves behind her and it turned out so nice in her yellow dress and the sun kissing her cheeks.

We did a few more poses before she changed into her Winter Springs High School graduation cap and gown. She had loads of tassles and I was impressed! At this point, the sky started to get dark and I was worried it was going to rain at any moment, but we pressed on. I shouldn't be surprised that it blew over us 3 poses in and the sky had the most beautiful cotton candy blues and pinks.

I had her do a few fun poses with her cap that turned out really nice! We had so much fun doing our shoot at Cocoa Beach and I look forward to many more.

Good luck Chloe!!!

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