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Lifestyle Newborn In Home Session in Winter Park, Florida

On May 17th, Hannah was ready for her debut lifestyle newborn session at 13 days old. She was as precious as pie in her sunflower dress and sunflower headband! She was the boss of the show and let us know when she wanted a break, wanted to rest, and wanted milk. It's very important as a photographer to go with the flow with these types of sessions and really listen to the baby's needs, as our star can be a little cranky at times.

We set up by the window in her parent's bedroom to allow all that natural light to come through. I did, however, set up my indoor lighting kit for extra visibility in photos. I propped newborn pillows in a wicker basket and placed a white fluffy blanket on top and adjusted Hannah how I wanted her to where she was not disturbed.

Once I got enough shots of the sunflower tutu, Hannah made it clear it was time for a break and she wanted to eat. I used that opportunity to get some memorable shots with her and mom having a bonding moment nursing (with her permission, of course). My goal is to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

After she had a full tummy, we wrapped her in a tan swaddle that was personalized with her name on it and began the session with her on the same basket. We then moved her to the bed and changed the swaddle to another personalized orange one. Since her name is a Biblical name, her mom had the brilliant idea to open to a page in the Bible showing the significance of her name and I placed Hannah close to that page and got some excellent memory shots!

There were many breaks in this session, but that comes with the territory of new precious babies, and it's all so worth it!

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