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Couples Mini Session Photoshoot at Barr Street Trailhead in Oviedo, Florida

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

On a pre-summer evening Katie and Chris booked me for a couples mini session at Barr Street Trailhead in Oviedo, Florida. I can't tell you how much I love this area with loads of space to explore and take photos in!

We started the shoot in the parking area by the wooden posts and their spark was immediately apparent as they dove in for some sweet almost kissy poses. I say almost because I don't always have my couples kiss, but instead almost touch teeth while they smile. It looks like they're going in to make a move, but just can't stop smiling when they see each other.

After some adorable moments at the front, we made our little hike to the middle of the field where I got some far away shots of them giggling, holding hands, and just being silly. I love these candid moments because you just can't stage that kind of charisma.

I had Chris give Katie a bear hug from behind and told Katie her job was to try to break free and Chris had to chase her. More candid moments of this fun act!!

Next, we walked futher back toward the tall pine trees, being careful not to step on a cacti, and had them safely sit down for some cuddley photos. These just came out so lovely.

Last, I had them walk toward me and I told them to share embarassing stories so they'd start genuinly laughing... and it worked like a charm. Ha!

I was able to provide all of their photos within a week to them and they were blown away with the fast turn around and lovely images. What a great shoot!!


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