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'23-24 Back to School Mini Photography Session at Barr Street Trailhead in Oviedo, Florida

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

I'm a huge fan of open fields, which is why I chose Barr Street Trailhead in Oviedo, Florida as my location for Back to School Mini Photography Sessions for the 2024 school year! I found a big shaded tree and brought my props to get ready for the shoot. I was lucky enough to find this antique desk built in 1902 in PRISTINE condition to use! I added my nicest red apple, some pencils, and a globe and BAM - we were ready to go.

I had a handsome lil' fella, Levi, as my client who is going into Kindergarten! Kids are sometimes a challenge for sessions, but I always have some tricks in my pocket to avoid photo disasters. I always allow small humans to fidget with props as a way to come out of their shell and feel engaged. I told him to spin the globe and VOILA! An adorable pose as his eyes lit up watching it spin. I asked if he knew where Florida was and I pointed that out to him to keep him interested.

I removed the globe and turned him around and without me promping him, he was already playing with the apple. Instead of keep a somewhat structured session, I took that as a perfect opportunity to get more great candid shots and I'm so glad I did.

We had a fun quick session of his new back to school look and his mom was so happy with the outcome!

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